What You Need for a Roof Replacement 

Whether you're starting a roofing installation business or you're a homeowner ready to tackle a roof replacement, you can ensure success with the right materials. Read today's post and explore what you'll need to do the job right. We've put together a mini-guide to help ensure you get the essential roofing supplies in Atlanta. You'll find information on materials, tools, and two services guaranteed to make your projects go more smoothly.

Select Your Roofing Materials

We'll assume you're working with a steep-slope roof system, which means you need to select the roof covering, sheathing or decking, and flashing. In the Atlanta area, you'll notice a wide range of roof coverings, including shingles, tiles, and slates.

Metal roofing is also a popular choice for its ability to reflect solar radiant heat, which helps reduce cooling costs. If you have water damage or rot in the sheathing, you may need to replace some or all of the boards or sheets. A roof system also contains joints and valleys where water can accumulate and seep into the roof's structure. The only way to prevent water seepage when you install a new roof is to replace the flashing. Of course, you'll also buy several boxes of roofing nails.

The Essential Roofing Tools

While you may have a few tools in your garage or workshop that could work for the project, you'll also need a few tools specific to roofing jobs. If you're removing old asphalt shingles, a shingle removal shovel will come in handy. Here's a short-list of other tools you should consider buying or renting:

·         Nail Gun

·         Air Compressor

·         Cordless Drill

·         Hammer Tacker

·         Pry Bar

·         Roofing Hatchet

·         Caulking Gun

·         Tin Snips

·         Framing Square

Don't forget a ladder and a wheelbarrow! Most people have a basic set of tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. You may need to use a few things from your general toolset. Also, if you don't have a utility knife, you'll need one. Before you buy anything, talk with a salesperson at your local roofing supply company. They'll make sure you get everything required for the project.

Arrange for Supply Delivery

Now that you've purchased your supplies, how will you transport them home or to the job site? Unless you have a pickup truck or utility van, you likely won't have room in your vehicle for everything. Even roofing installation crews don't typically carry bundles of shingles around in their trucks. Most companies that sell roofing supplies also deliver and load the shingles on the customer's roof. If you're installing a metal roof, the panels must get delivered in pristine condition. It's preferable to arrange for your supplier to deliver!

Removing Debris from the Job Site

We included a wheelbarrow in the section on tools. Replacing a roof generates a ton of debris. First, you'll tear off the old roofing materials, which include shingles, nails, and layers of felt paper. Add to that the flashing, vents, and fasteners. It's way too much to throw in your trash receptacle, and most trash collection companies won't take building materials anyway. All roofing contractors bring a dumpster to the job site. Homeowners and start-ups can rent a dumpster, often from the roofing supply company.

When you're ready to get your project underway, you'll want to work with a local Atlanta roofing company. Call Preferred Roofing Supply at 678-395-6880. Or, you can External link opens in new tab or windowclick here for a quote.