What are Lifetime Shingles?

As a professional contractor, you want to be informed so you can correctly answer all the questions that your clients have.

Shingles are roof coverings that consist of individual, overlapping pieces made from materials like flagstone, metal, slate, plastic, and composite materials such as asphalt and fiber cement. They are known to withstand roof leakages from the elements.

Shingles have a lifetime warranty of 50 years, and although they are durable, they come with a certain warranty that encompasses the lifespan of the house. Lifetime roof shingles are quite extraordinary when compared to the more common roofing materials.

Strength and Drawbacks

You’ll never be disappointed with the resilience of lifetime shingles. The strengths are numerous. Of course, there are still a couple of things you should be aware of.

Let’s take a look at the selling points of these products as well as the drawbacks –

Aesthetics and styles

Lifetime roof shingles can pass as beautiful home accessories. With them, creativity is welcomed (and assured). It gives your home a natural touch and is available in various cuts, colors, thicknesses, and widths.

Although lifetime shingles are appealing to the eyes, they can contrast with the architecture of the home. However, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem. A few minor changes and you’re set. Besides, lifetime roof shingles increase the resale value of a home.


The cost of purchasing lifetime shingles is minimal, together with materials for repair or installation. This is because shingles are strong and don’t easily get damaged.

On the other hand, some shingles absorb moisture, leaving them damp for some time. This makes them prone to growing mold and mildew. You might end up spending quite a bit to get this handled, and lifetime shingles fix this problem.

Suitable for most weather conditions

Why else would anyone consider a durable roofing material if it’s not good enough to prevent leakage and heat penetration? Lifetime shingles can withstand most weather conditions.

Installation is also just as good. These shingles are laid flat on the roof, so, chances of getting blown off by strong winds are rather low.

As much as your clients need shingles roofing, they need to learn about weather situation of their locations. Especially as regards the installation of these shingles during winter. There's an increased chance of them breaking during this season as they’re a bit more brittle here.

Safe for the environment

Your clients don’t have to worry about landfill space because lifetime shingles can be recycled into other beneficial home fixtures and such. These include pavements and hot-mix asphalt that can be made into quality cement. 


While your client gets a warranty for their shingle roofing, it’s an assurance that they can fall back to in event of difficulties. However, when the reverse is the case, expenses must be made. More money will go to repairs or replacement.

Why should you consider shingles as the better pick for your client’s home?

A professional contractor is after the wellbeing of their clients as much as they are concerned about a job well done. Having them know that durability is a guaranteed outcome with other added benefits of energy efficiency, it’s a great choice over traditional roofing style.

Despite the drawbacks, lifetime shingles are still a great option to go for. A few adjustments and your client will have nothing to worry about. Plus, it’s a relatively easy installation job for you.

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