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Tips for Choosing the Right Ladder Height

For residential and commercial roofers, ladders are an important tool. They help you easily access roofs of different heights, and (with the help of sturdy ladder parts in Atlanta) support you while you work on various slopes. Here are some tips on how to choose the right ladder height for your project.

What Type You Need

When selecting the height of a ladder, think about what ladder you will need. There are several types of industrial ladders for sale in Atlanta and surrounding areas, and each type comes in different heights. Step ladders, for example, are built to be a specific height, while extension ladders let you adjust the height to your specifications. Roofing ladders, which are attached to the ridge of a sloped roof, are also height adjustable. All of these types of ladders can hold roofing materials that you may carry up to the roof with you.

Ladder Length

The ladder length is measured using the length of the ladder when open, the height of the roof area you want to reach, your height, and the ladder’s maximum reach height. The reach height of a ladder refers to how high above the working height (height where the ladder touches the edge of the roof) you can stand and stay balanced. The working height will be less than the length of the ladder, especially when the ladder is at an angle.

Generally, for step ladders, the reaching height is around 4 feet higher than the ladder, or about 2 steps from the top of the ladder.  Extension ladders are a bit trickier because the height can be adjusted. An important rule to remember is to make sure that the ladder has the right length. The correct length will allow the ladder’s height to extend further than the area of the roof you want to reach. If you have the right height, the adjustable sections of the ladder will overlap by 3 or more feet (5 or more feet for ladders 36 feet or longer). This will provide enough stability for you to work on the roof. 

Ladder parts Atlanta Height of the House

Knowing the height of your house will help you determine the height your ladder will need to be. In general, there are two ways to easily measure how tall your house is. You can measure an outer wall from the highest window or from ceiling to floor inside the home. Either way, make sure to add another 20-40 inches (50-100 cm) to account for ladder pitch and ceiling depth.

For a 1-story house, all you need to do is measure your height and the height of the house’s ceiling. For a 2-story or larger home, measure the height of the roofline, the overhang space you will need, and the ladder pitch you will need. Then add the actual height (AH) of the house to the desired overhang (DO) and the desired pitch (DP) (AH + DO + DP). This will give you the ladder height you need, which you can purchase from a nearby ladder supply company or hardware store.

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