best roof shingles Lawrenceville ga Things to Consider before Choosing Architectural Shingles

A great roof is made up of great shingles, and that means being selective when you’re shopping for shingle options. Whether you’re repairing your roof to replace lost shingles or are building a new roof, there are many options to consider. Options like wood or metal roofing can add style to a home but at a potentially high price.

But there are cheaper, long-lasting alternatives to wood and metal roofing materials, like architectural shingles. The design resembles other options, like clay or slate. These shingles are popular options for commercial and residential roofing projects.

Read on to learn more about these amazing materials, discover the features that you should consider before you select a product, and find out if these may be the right roofing materials for your project.

High Durability

Architectural shingles are often confused for asphalt or fiberglass. However, architectural shingles are designed thicker and more durable than these discount options. They’re made of 2 or 3 laminated layers of fiberglass and asphalt, making them ultra-dense but also lightweight. A thick, multi-layer design with architectural shingles provides enhanced wind resistance, so these shingles are unlikely to be dislodged or lost, even in a heavy storm.

Algae Resistance

Algae is one of the biggest threats to any roof. It slowly breaks down the building materials as it eats its way into your roof, potentially leading to leaks and partial collapse. Thankfully, architectural shingles offer superior algae resistance. They prevent algae from spreading and can even stop it from growing in the first place. That means none of those nasty, dark streaks that can form on old roofs made of other types of shingles. This algae resistance means you don’t have to invest in zinc strips.

best roof shingles Lawrenceville ga Wicks Away Water

One of the primary functions of any roof is to wick away water before it settles on the roof and attracts algae. Architectural shingles are compatible with high-slope roof designs for ultimate water wicking and no fears of settling water.

Design Options

Possibly one of the main draws of architectural shingles is their style versatility. These synthetic shingles can be designed to resemble virtually anything, and they’re convincing at it, too. They can resemble a traditional asphalt roof, slate, or even wood! Artificial wood architectural shingles have lifelike grooves and shadowy lines that resemble a real cedar roof! Best of all, you don’t get the same rot vulnerability or the high price of an actual cedar roof!

Some architectural shingles can resemble metal. They’re available in many designs and colors, giving you ultimate control over how you design your roof. Build it in natural colors to resemble another organic material or choose a contrast color like red or blue to give a home dramatic curb appeal. The options are plentiful when you shop for architectural shingles over any other shingle option.

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