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The Importance of Installing a Roof Leak Barrier

A well-constructed roof is an important investment. Built carefully and with the proper components, a roof can provide essential climate and pest protection for homes. Built carelessly or with major components missing, a roof can leak or otherwise fail well before its time.

One of the most dangerous elements that can damage roofs is water. A strong roof can wick away water without letting it pool atop a building. Most importantly, a strong roof that's designed to last will offer ultimate leak protection. After all, leaks are some of the most feared flaws in any residential or commercial roof.

That's where a roof leak barrier comes in. This material available at a good roofing supply store will provide essential durability and longevity to a roof, and protect the interiors underneath. Here's why roof leak barriers are so important for commercial and residential buildings.

Smart Design

Roof leak barriers are fiberglass-reinforced panels that are applied underneath roofing shingles. The material provides watertight coverage, and is dense enough to resist wrinkling or bunching under the top layers of a roof. It comes with adhesives that help create a tight seal, so water won't collect between shingles and the leak barrier. Roof leak barriers are compatible with various metal and shingle roofs.

Where Protection Is Necessary

Roof leak barriers are best applied around roof seams, where leaks are the most likely to occur. Water can collect in these areas, and the meeting of different panels or components along a seam can create a gap that runs from the top of a roof all the way down the attic interior. Also, seams are often full of fasteners like nails that can create moisture-penetrable gaps down the length of the fastener. Cover these gaps with a layer of water-blocking protection.

Roof seams along eaves, valleys, rakes, and vertical structures like chimneys and exterior walls need moisture protection so water doesn't seep through gaps and enter the building.

It's important to note that metal flashing may still be necessary in some of these areas, but a roof leak barrier offers an additional layer of protection, especially if the flashing happens to dislodge or degrade.

Roofer on Roof Added Benefits

While water protection alone is enough to make roof leak barriers a great investment, it's important to remember that some building codes may require leak barriers, especially in colder regions or areas with a wet climate.

Also, providing a moisture barrier now saves home and business owners money by preventing the need for potentially costly leak and water damage repair. Finally, the peace of mind that moisture protection offers is great for you, and gives roof construction clientele a high level of customer satisfaction.

Where Can You Find Roof Leak Barriers?

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