Important Myths about Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are some of the most popular roofs installed on homes and businesses alike. They’re stylish, reliable, and long-lasting options for new roofs, as well as for replacement jobs. But there are some common myths about metal roofs that may have deterred you from installing such a roof. Read on to learn the truth behind popular myths, as well as details on how to get supplies to install metal roofing in Marietta.


They’re Too Contemporary

Metal roofs do have a more modern appearance than clay or asphalt, but they won’t make every home look contemporary--that is unless that’s what you’re after! Metal roofs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. In fact, they’re just as style versatile as asphalt! You get versatility and superior quality at once. Sure, asphalt and clay shingles may be older and more traditional, but does that necessarily mean that they’re superior?

Metal roofs in a more earthy color or a strong neutral like black will make any structure look charming and traditional. However, metal roofs can also be used to modernize an older building, especially if you choose metal roofing materials in a bold color.

Metal Roofs Heat Up Your Home

Touch a metal surface exposed to sunlight like a public staircase railing, and you may feel a jolt of extreme heat. By association, people may assume that a metal roof does the same thing to your home, collecting heat and then radiating it inward.

But metal roofs are different. They’re designed to reflect, not conduct, thermal radiation from the sun-- heat from infrared sunlight. So rather than trapping heat, metal roofs reflect it to keep your home cool. In fact, asphalt shingles are more likely to trap heat and conduct it inward, heating up your house or business like an oven and increasing your need to spend energy on cooling. Metal roofing, meanwhile, is a high-efficiency option that can actually help you save money every month.

They’re Expensive

Metal roofs aren’t any more expensive than some materials like wood or clay shingles, which can be just as costly up-front. While asphalt roofing shingles are usually the cheapest roofing option, it’s important to remember the value you get from your investment. In terms of value, or what you get for your money, asphalt offers the lowest value and metal the highest.

That’s because metal roofs last far longer on average than most asphalt roofs, staying intact for up to 60 years! While you may pay less up-front to install an asphalt roof, most of these roofs only last about 20 years without needing replacement or major maintenance. When compared to metal, you end up paying up to thrice the price for asphalt over a period of 60 years or more! And don’t forget the energy savings from installing a heat-resistant metal roof.

They’re Not Water-Resistant

Metal rusts. That’s a fact, right? You expose metal to moisture, and it will inevitably discolor, degrade, and eventually lose integrity. But this isn’t true of metal roofing. Modern metal roofs are coated with a protective finish to make it water-resistant. Just as you’d give a wooden surface like an outdoor deck a water-shield finish, metal roofs are guarded against all types of outdoor moisture, including rain, humidity, and ice. They won’t rust, especially if you shop for high-quality metal parts.

You can guarantee quality and water resistance when you shop with a top roofing company like Preferred Roofing. Visit us to get the best roofing supplies in Marietta at great prices.