Preparing Your House for a New Roof

Many different situations can cause roof damage, and you may find that you need a new roof at any time. Homeowners may require a new roof because the old roof isn’t up to par, or they may need a roof replacement thanks to a natural disaster like a hurricane, thunderstorm, or tornado.

However, there are also some situations where it is less obvious to homeowners that they will need a roof replacement. Regardless of the situation, here are some tips to make sure that your house is prepared for a new roof when it’s time for installation.


Move Your Vehicles

A roof replacement requires a lot of work, and there will be many trips to the truck for new tools and equipment. This is one of the reasons why you should make sure that your driveway is clear so that professional roofing experts can install a new roof with easy access to their gear.

It might also be a good idea to close doors, window, and garage doors until the roof replacement process is complete. This will help keep dust and debris out of your home while your house gets the new roof it needs.

Move Furniture/Other Objects

Lots of people own outdoor furniture and appliances that are incredibly valuable. Consider moving your patio furniture, barbecue, or sports equipment away from the work area to keep them safe and make way for the roof replacement process. Roofers will be throwing shingles and other debris from the roof, and you don’t want it to damage your belongings.

This isn’t just about outdoor objects, either. You and your family may want to consider taking down any valuable wall decorations. The vibrations from the roof replacement could end up knocking down valuable paintings, for example. Go through the house and remove any valuable objects from the walls, whether it’s a picture hanging on the wall or other kinds of decoration. You should focus on the rooms on the level directly under the roof, as well.

Think About Pets and Children

You might be used to letting your pets and children run free on your property, but it’s important to remember that this is a serious safety concern during a roof replacement. You should make sure that your kids understand that the yard is off-limits until the new roof is installed and do your best to keep your pets from running around the area.

Tell Your Neighbors

Another great piece of advice when installing a new roof is to let your neighbors know that your house will be a work zone. If possible, consider bringing over a small gift to make it clear that you understand that it might be noisy at your house for a little while.
You could also let them know when the new roof will be installed so that they might be able to adjust their schedule around the roof replacement work. Be honest and transparent about the timeframe for the job, as well.