Facts about the Werner Podium Ladder

If you’re installing or repairing your roof, your work will only be as good as your tools. Before getting started, you’ll need all your tiles ready as well as your hammer, stapler, nails, and so forth. Whether you’re working on your roof or anywhere else that’s high up, you’ll want a ladder that’s safe and that you can rely on, yet so many people keep using the same old ladder they’ve always used. If you got a job coming up, here are some things you should know about Werner ladders in Atlanta, GA.

Unmatched Stability

The Werner ladder is a podium ladder (also known as an attic ladder). Instead of being comprised of a series of rungs, the podium ladder leads to a podium at the top. This provides improved stability, allowing you to stand or kneel on the podium so you can work with your hands-free. This makes it far easier to drill, hammer, or perform any other kind of job while standing on the podium and leaning against the guardrail.

Better Work Space

With a traditional A-frame ladder, there’s a small shelf at the top where you can perhaps set a bucket or a couple of tools (which could fall off at any time). You have far more storage space, however, with the Werner attic ladder. Atlanta, GA, roofers love the Werner ladder because the guardrail is specifically designed with roofers and DIY enthusiasts in mind. Not only does the guardrail provide added stability, but you can store several tools and accessories in it as well. Set at hip level, you can do all the work you need without having to lean over or get off the ladder. Your ladder can act more like a work station than a traditional A-frame ladder.

Greater Range of Movement

Regular A-frame ladders are awkward to move from place to place. Frequently, you’re better off folding it up, moving to a new location, then setting it back up again. Werner podium ladders can come with casters built right in. This makes repositioning a breeze. You can wheel it to face a different direction, or move it across the floor or ground with ease. To secure it in place, all you have to do is step on it and a spring releases, so your weight is resting on the ladder’s non-slip feet. To achieve this mobility, you don’t have to sacrifice strength, as Werner podium ladders can carry up to 375 pounds.

Plenty of Options

As with the rest of your tool kit, your Werner podium ladder can be catered to meet your specific needs. You can get models that range from 5 feet up to 12, providing you with platforms from 3 feet in height to 10, and there are step ladder versions as well. Depending on the size of your house — and the kind of job you’ve got — you could do your roof work with a full 12-foot podium ladder, and use a small 5-foot version for painting your bedroom. Either way, you’ve got the convenience and stability to make each job a whole lot easier.

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