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Different Types of Ladders and Their Functionalities

To reach high places and perform tasks, professionals and common homeowners purchase climbing tools of different brands, such as Louisville, Ladamax, and External link opens in new tab or windowWerner. Ladders made by these manufacturers are said to be durable and long-lasting.

This blog lists the different types of ladders used by both professionals and homeowners. Read on to learn about their characteristics.


This is among the most popular types of ladders. It comes in various sizes, from 3 to 6 feet. This tool helps homeowners reach high places, like tall bookcases or the top of a shelf. It can also be used while cleaning ceilings, replacing indoor lights, or dusting off chandeliers.

It's a distinct kind of ladder, particularly because it looks like the uppercase letter "A" when opened. Only one of its sides has wide steps, which the owner can climb upon. The other, meanwhile, has thin railings, which can't support the weight of an average person. There's a spreading bar in the middle that prevents the tool from splitting too wide or collapsing back in on itself.

A Louisville, Ladamax, or Werner step ladder is usually manufactured with aluminum alloys, so it's commonly white unless it's painted another color. Its feet are coated with rubber soles to prevent it from slipping on the floor or damage it while being used.


As its name implies, this type can be extended to increase its reach significantly, sometimes even twice its size. It's among the tallest kinds of ladders, and there are options that can stand at a full height of over 20 feet. It's not popular among homeowners, but some need it to access their roofs to check for any damage or do a repaint. Other people use it when pruning trees.

This tool is more commonly used by professionals in different fields. They include electricians who have to climb up a post to replace wires and construction workers who are required to reach tall places when building a house.

An extension ladder is made of aluminum, so it's extremely durable. Each of its steps is about 2 to 3 inches wide and is supported by metal braces to increase its safety. In most cases, 2 people work together to use it properly. One of them climbs up, while the other supports the tool from the ground.


This one is the most compact type of ladder. It's designed to be compressed to as little as 1.5 feet, but it can be extended to about 3 to 5 feet. When not in use, it can be placed inside a small bag. Also, it's manufactured using lightweight metals, so it's easy for the owner to carry it anywhere. It's usually brought on camping trips in case someone needs to reach high places, like tall trees.


A platform ladder comes in small sizes, from 3 to 4.5 feet. It's usually manufactured using aluminum alloys, which makes this tool extremely durable. Rubber soles cover its feet to increase its safety and prevent it from slipping.

What makes this type distinct is it has a platform on its 4th or 5th rail, allowing the owner to use both of their hands while working. They can safely stand on the wide step without losing their balance. So, this ladder is perfect for various purposes, like repainting the ceiling or placing heavy items on the top shelf.

Attic Ladder


As the name suggests, this tool is specially designed for the owner to access their attic. It's also called a loft ladder, and it's used to replace staircases, which cost a lot of money to build. Mostly, it's attached to a ceiling door and concealed unless being used.

When the homeowner needs to go to their attic, they'll simply open the door in the ceiling and pull the ladder down. Only a single person can use this tool at once since it's made of light metals. Its rails can't support the weight of more than one individual.

A Louisville, Ladamax, or External link opens in new tab or windowWerner attic ladder in Atlanta, GA, is a safe and efficient tool for checking for attic leaks, which can be a sign of a damaged roof. Call Preferred Roofing right away to request a repair if you see puddles or other indications of water getting inside. They'll promptly send professionals who can do the job for you.