Two roofers installing roof Choosing the Right Roof Coating: A Guide

As an exposed surface, your roof needs to be taken care of and maintained properly to protect it from leaks and damage in the future. This is why finding the right coating for your roof is so important. Here is a guide to help you choose the coating that will work best for your roof.


About Roof Coatings

The coating you choose should be able to withstand the temperatures of the roof, which will be much hotter than the temperature at ground level. The coating should adhere properly to the material the roof is built with, allowing superior resistance to mold, mildew, and damage from bugs. There are many types of roof coatings for residential and commercial buildings. These can be purchased at any store with a stock of roofing supply in Lawrenceville, GA.


Know Your Roof

To determine what type of roof coating is best, you need to know a few details about your roof first. Probably the most important factor is the condition the roof is in. Check all the roofing materials to make sure there are no leaks, cracks, or other damage. If any materials are damaged, replace them immediately.


The local hardware or home improvement store is your best bet to buy roofing staples in Lawrenceville, Ga. They are also great places to find roofing shingles in Lawrenceville, Ga. If there is significant damage to the roof, you may want to replace the whole structure. Roof coatings work best on a structurally sound roof.


The next thing you’ll want to consider is location. Different roof coatings work well in specific climates. For example, acrylic coatings work well in dry climates, while silicone coatings work better in humid, wet climates. Whether your roof is flat or sloped will impact how well the coating will be received. Flat roofs are easier to coat and take less time and labor. Steeply sloped roofs have to be coated in passes, which will take more time and effort.


You’ll need to know whether water pools on your roof or not. If your roof is prone to pooling water, a silicone coating will work best, while an acrylic coating will break down. The last thing you need to know is whether your roof will be exposed to high levels of chemicals, heat, or UV rays. If so, you will need a coating that is resistant to these factors. Any roofing supply company in Lawrenceville, GA, can help you better understand the condition of your roof and inform you of the types of coatings that will work best for your situation.

Roofer on metal sheet roof Types of Coatings

Roof coatings come in many varieties, and are available at stores selling roofing supplies in Lawrenceville, GA. Acrylic roof coatings are water based, making them easy to install, extremely affordable, and environmentally friendly. The downside to acrylics is that they are more prone to damage from fluctuating temperatures, foot traffic, and pooling water than most alternatives.


Polyurethane coatings are extremely flexible, allowing for better resistance to fluctuating temperatures and pooling water. This durability has made acrylic roof coatings a popular choice in recent years. However, they have little resistance to UV rays, and if exposed, will turn yellow and chalky. This can be a major problem, since roof coatings are supposed to be the roof’s main defense against the sun.


Silicone is one of the most flexible roof coating materials on the market. They offer excellent flexibility so that the roof materials can expand and contract under temperature changes without damaging the roof or the coating. Silicone also gives superb UV resistance, and even protects surfaces beneath the coating. There are two main drawbacks to silicone, however. First, dirt adheres to the coating a lot, so you shouldn’t use silicone where aesthetics are most important. Fortunately, you can easily clean the coating with a power washer.  Second, the coating’s durability can be compromised. Be careful not to drop sharp objects on the roof, and to further protect the coating, install granules.


If you have any questions about the different types of roof coatings, contact Preferred Roofing today.