Are Asphalt Shingles Ideal for Your Home’s Roof?

Your home is your safe haven. With the right materials, it can withstand harsh weather and remain in great condition for years. Take your roof, for example. Most roofs are designed to have a lifespan of between 30 and 50 years. If you have the right type of shingles, you’ll get the most out of your roof and spend much less time maintaining it. From your favorite roofing and ladder supply company in Lawrenceville, GA, here are a few reasons you should consider asphalt shingles for your roofing needs.


Your shingles are the icing on the cake of your homestyle. It can either add to the aesthetic of your home or completely clash with your vision. Whether you’re looking to adhere to a specific style or you’re worried about the pitches in your roofline, asphalt shingles are the answer. These versatile shingles come in a variety of different colors and can be adapted to different angles and forms, giving you a look that compliments the rest of your home’s style. When you’re shopping for roofing supplies in Lawrenceville, GA, asphalt shingles are a great way to compliment the exterior of your house.

Weather Resistant

Ice, wind, humidity, and heat are no match for asphalt shingles. These shingles are designed to last! Even the most extreme of weather conditions won’t damage your roof. Most asphalt shingles are specifically engineered to withstand high-speed winds. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they leave your home protected, no matter what type of weather rolls in.

Easy to Install

Asphalt shingles are much easier to install than other types of roofing materials. They’re designed for quick layout and adhesion. Most asphalt shingles come in tabs. This means that they already have a few shingles pre-adhered to a larger sheet. Not only does this mean that your roof will be installed easier, but it’s also a lot easier to repair any issues that may arise.

Easy Maintenance

With asphalt shingles, there isn’t much to maintain. Perform roofing inspections from time to time, ensuring that there are no cracked or missing shingles, and be sure to keep your gutters clear. By doing these things, you keep your roof in tip-top shape and reduce the risk of leaks occurring. Plus, regular inspections alert you to any small problems before they become big issues. Besides those basic maintenance measures, your asphalt shingles don’t require much upkeep. Simply install and enjoy!

Cost Effective

Not only are asphalt shingles extremely durable, but they’re also cost effective. Ceramic, tile, and other roofing materials are often costly due to the manufacturing process. Asphalt shingles aren’t nearly as expensive, and still look amazing. They give you the most bang for your buck while still providing the protection that your home needs.

When determining which roofing material is best for your roof, it’s important to consider all of the factors. With a low cost, many color choices, durability, and little maintenance needed, asphalt shingles are an amazing choice for all homes. If you’re looking for an amazing company to handle your roofing needs, look no further than Preferred Roofing. We’re your source when you’re on the hunt for an industrial ladder in Lawrenceville, GA, as well as any roofing needs you might have. Learn more about our services by visiting our site,