Roofer 1 Tips for Identifying Roof Repair Needs

You may not look at your roof often, so you may not know the roof needs repair until it begins to leak. Having your roof inspected periodically can save you money in the long run, and you can be proactive. If you can spot a problem early, you can purchase Fairburn discount roofing supplies and take care of the problem yourself. If you wait until the problem becomes a major one, you may have to pay for costly repairs or buy a new roof.

Here are some tips for identifying signs that your roof needs repair:

  •  Age: How old is your roof? A roof usually lasts 20 to 25 years. You may not know how old your roof is. If you can see layers of roofing, your roof has some age. It may need repair or replacement.
  •  Leaks: If your ceiling is leaking, your roof has a problem. Early signs of trouble, such as a stain on the ceiling, probably went unnoticed, and now it's time for repair.
  •  Shingles: Shingles could be missing, or they could curl or buckle. Storms often damage shingles, so it's a good idea to check them after a hard rain or gusty winds.
  •  Shingle granules. Check your gutters for shingle granules. They look like grains of sand and signal trouble with your roof.
  • Flashing: Flashing covers the crease between the roof and structures like a chimney or skylight. If the flashing is worn, moisture or rainwater can accumulate in the crease. If detected early, the problem can be solved by applying a sealant.
  • Moisture or mold: Look for wet spots on your roof. Mold and bacteria can grow quickly if water is standing on the roof.
  • Algae growth: Check for signs of algae growth. The sooner algae growth is spotted, the easier it will be to clean and remove from the roof.

Roofer 2
  • Gutters: Make sure your gutters and downspouts are attached and free of debris. If water doesn't drain properly, it can overflow and damage the fascia or the roof.
  •  Outside light: Go to your attic to look for roof damage. You may spot signs of water damage or a leak. You may also see outside light showing through the roof. If you see light or other signs of roof trouble, it's time to inspect the roof. If you don't want to climb a ladder and walk on the roof, contact a professional.
  •  Utility bills: Rising heating or cooling costs could be caused by your roof. Cool or hot air can find its way through a deteriorating roof.

If you spot any signs of trouble with your roof, contact a Fairburn roofing company. A professional can inspect your roof, determine the extent of the damage, and advise you on the best course of action.