roof shingles Common Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacement

One of the responsibilities of home ownership is to keep the roof over your head, literally. If you neglect your roof, you will eventually pay for it. Part of the attention you need to pay to it is monitoring the state of your shingles. If you notice they are showing wear, you need to contact a roofer as soon as you can as they can take advantage of discount building materials in Lawrenceville and fix your roof before you have to replace the entire thing. Here is what you need to look out for.


Curling shingles generally mean they are aging and giving way to excessive heat. When they do this, they become vulnerable to wind and ice, which can lodge underneath them and further dislodge them. Left alone, a curling shingle will eventually become rigid. When this happens, they also become fragile and the lose their tab edges. In any of those cases, your roof can be left susceptible to the elements, which can lead to leaking and even rotting and require replacement with the best roof shingles in Lawrenceville.

Bare Shingles

Poor drainage can erode the granules on a shingle the same way a stream can erode a bank. Poor drainage can be due to poor design and placement of downspouts, lack of an eavestrough or bad drainage design on a second story that allows water to cascade down onto a first story roof. Shingles that are old also become susceptible to loosened granules, which can be exacerbated by poor drainage.

Other causes include age and exposure to heat as well as physical damage to the shingle. Regardless of the cause, bare shingles open vulnerabilities for leaks as well as further breakage of the shingle in question and those around it. Broken shingles should prompt a quick visit to a store specializing in builders supply in Lawrenceville.

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Broken or Missing Shingles

These can take place because of age, weathering, physical trauma or ice building up underneath them. When the shingles break, they open the door for leaking and rot. A missing shingle is an open door for water damage. Another major cause of missing shingles is excessive wind.


Buckling is best described as the wavy effect that can be seen running up a roof slope. This is generally caused by age, low quality and poorly installed underlayment as well as moisture underneath the shingles. Buckled shingles are highly vulnerable to high winds and ice damage.

Damaged Flashings

Flashing are located around your roof, usually when there is a non-roof protrusion. Flashing can be used on chimneys, bathroom exhaust piping, against the house, eaves, stacks and much more. The flashing, if it’s metal, can become separated from the structure it is protecting as well as the roof. If it’s caulking or sealant, it can become brittle with age and crack. In every case, water leakage and ice damage from expanded ice is a profound threat.

Worn, broken, or frayed shingles can cause a lot of problems, including a homeowner desperately looking for discount building materials in Lawrenceville to make emergency repairs. Monitoring your shingles is the only way to avoid that.