Metal roofing
Common Reasons of Metal Roof Leaks

A metal roof is a cost-effective alternative that can provide you with years of dependable and weatherproof service. While a metal roof has much higher upfront costs than a traditional asphalt roof, even the nails for shingles in Fairburn are a good bit less expensive than metal roofing nails, the backend costs are much less expensive. This is because of the longevity of a metal roof as well as the reality it just needs much less maintenance.

If metal roofing in Fairburn is not installed properly, however, its problems can be acute. Fixing a metal roof that is not properly installed can also cost a lot. Here are the areas of a metal roof that can cause problems.

Poor Installation of Roofing Screws

There are many ways a roofing screw for a metal roof can be improperly installed. In fact, improperly installed roofing screws are the main causes of leaks in metal roofs. If a screw is over or under-driven, the needed gasket seal between the roof and the nail can be compromised and lead to leaking. That can also happen if the screw is not driven straight in. Another vulnerability with roofing screws is that the person installing the screws misses the mark and has nothing to grab onto, which can lead to a need for patching a screw hole or ripping of the metal. In the latter case, a leak is almost always the result. The rubber washers are also vulnerable to the elements. Extreme heat or cold can lead to cracking, which can compromise the seal in between the nail and the roof.

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Sealant Issues

In almost all cases, the metal roofing materials in Fairburn will include metal roofing sealants. These are specialized seals that ensure a bond between roofing components. Almost all roofing materials in Fairburn come with recommended sealants and not following their recommendations can lead to a poor seal. Heat is a major culprit when it comes to compromising sealant. Metal roofs go through an expansion and contraction process that can rip the seal of a non-flexible sealant.


Flashing is another area of vulnerability for a metal roof. Installed improperly, they can rip off, be lifted, or leak at the seams. In the most extreme cases, the flashing can lose a seal with the roof and open gaps in the roofing, exposing the sub-roof to the elements.

Fortunately, if the issues above are addressed, a metal roof can give you decades of dependable service. That initial upfront cost, though, might scare some folks away. Even nails for shingles in Fairburn are almost a dime less expensive per unit and they're indicative of almost all the upfront costs of a metal roof. The long-term dependability, however, makes that initial cost a worthy investment for a lot of people.